How to adjust hair clippers blades

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And then align the bigger blade accordingly straight relative to this slanted blade.
Andis director of education and training shows you the quick and easy steps for clipper and trimmer blade changing.
Loosen the screws on the underside of the blade to that your blades can slide apart.
The outer most left tooth of the top blade needs to cover or just slightly overlap the outer most left tooth of the bottom blade for proper alignment.
This oil will coat the blades and provide proper lubrication to prevent sticking and damage to the teeth of your blades.
Never use any oil on your Wahl blades that is not specifically formulated for clipper lubrication.
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This is important so that the clipper does not cut too close or allow the moving cutter to touch the skin.
The taper lever adds versatility to your clipper by allowing you to gradually change the closeness of your cut without a guide comb.
The taper lever will also extend the use of your blades since a different cutting edge is used in each setting.
Adjustable blades Make sure you have purchased the correct adjustable blades for your clippers.
Each type of clipper designed for adjustable blades has a corresponding product numb.
To sharpen hair clippers you take away the blades and brush away dirt and hair from the blade.
Hair clippers allow for different levels of adjustment to cut hair at different lengths.
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Then it becomes necessary to know how to sharpen hair clipper blades in order to avoid replacing the appliance completely.
The next step is to clean both blades thoroughly to remove any hair that may have become trapped between them and to remove rust.
Anything more abrasive or coarser can damage the cutting surfaces and cause gaps that will make sharpening impossible.
It will be necessary to adjust the power of the unit and the spacing between the blades to assure the proper honing action takes place.
This means using a brush to remove all hair after use and applying oil to prevent rust and help the blades to slide against each other effectively.
It is trapped hair and rust formed from a lack of oil that normally causes clippers to dull and begin pulling hair instead of cutting.
Maintaining the unit will help to keep one from having to sharpen them again in the future.
Failure to do so can result in repeatedly having to work on the cutting surfaces and unnecessary wear that can cause them to wear out much faster than they would under normal operating conditions.
This can lead to having to replace the unit much sooner than its designed life expectancy under normal use.
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